Converging Roads: Local Bible Study

In our small town in the basement of an even smaller church our roads all converge.

All of us have taken different paths. Some women have lived in this small town their whole lives and know the roads in the area like the backs of their hands. Others grew up here left for college and jobs and have now returned. Other’s are like me and have settled into this town and adopted it as their hometown.

During our ‘kick-off’ meeting we did something a little different for a ‘mixer’. I had ordered a huge role of paper thinking the kids would get use out of it during Bible Study or our play dates that meet on the opposite Tuesdays. It was put to work for the kids and also of us.

I rolled out a good size piece of the butcher paper. Printed out the ‘theme’ image for He Leads: A Study of Roads. Glued the image at the center of the paper and begin drawing squiggly roads all over the paper.

As the ladies arrived they grabbed a pen and wrote a little about where their roads have taken them. The ‘big’ question they were answering was ‘What was on your road that has brought you to right now?’ For our group we did not place names on the roads but we can still read it and see all of the different places the group has been. We may find a common denominator with a road that we did not expect to see.

Whatever was on the road we get to remind one another, throughout our study, that the whole time Jesus was leading us.

This Bible Study would be a place where all of our roads intersect and this little craft project gave us something to see us all coming together.

We live in a small town so chances are the paths of these women have crossed before. They may have crossed before, but when a group of women meets and the common denominator is Jesus, and His words to us, beautiful interactions, relationships, bonds, and examples of grace begin to bloom.

I hung the visual aid up on the wall of our church basement. I pray that was we go through this study the women will see more and more how Jesus was leading the people of the bible and how he leads us.

Perhaps we will even see places in our life where Jesus was there and we did not recognize him like the disciples on the road to Emmaus. We will look at the wanderings of the Israelite and see that even on that twisty and at times foolish path they took God was still leading them. Hopefully we will see that God leads us in our foolish wanderings too. When we read the prodigal son I pray the women will see that no matter how far off we have been…

Jesus is on our road and is running towards us.

If you were to write your journey on the wall of a church basement on butcher paper…What would you write?

If you are planning on doing He Leads: A Study of Roads with a group perhaps you will do this same visual mixer. If you are doing it with us online I would love to see a sketch of your road. Post a picture in the comments.

Here is the image for the study if you are interested in doing the same thing in your town.

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