The Gift of Faith: Advent 2019

This Advent season we are going to look at ‘the great cloud of witnesses’.  We are going to look at the passage in Hebrews that tells us all about those who have gone before us.  The bible tells us of their lives, struggles, and deaths.  The hope we have is not found in there lives or ours but in the founder and perfecter of their faiths and ours, Jesus.

In our lives we not only are able to look back on the people of the bible, but we also have the people who have gone before us in all of history.  We have those people who were clear about who was the founder and perfecter of their faith.

Not only do we have those in church history but you may also have those people in your own family tree.

The ancestor my daughter is named after is one of those people for me. 

At my grandmas kitchen table I heard her life, struggle, and death.  I never had the privilege of meeting this lady, but I want to preserve her story.  I want to preserve it for my daughter so she can see that God is with us when it seems there is no hope. 

Who is in your family tree or in the histories you have heard point you to Christ?

Grandma Delia wrote this after her stroke when writing about her life

“Some problems seem to have no earthly answer. But were always overcome by the help of God.”

This was a woman who’s first child was born premature in 1914.  Viola was small enough to fit in a shoe box.  This was written by a woman who was abandoned by her husband with their children in the woods.  She created a tent from a carpet the first night then constructed a sod dug out for them to live in.  After the first winter she discovered an abandoned log house that she turned into their home.

When we look at the lives of ‘the great cloud of witnesses’, the people of history, or at our own lives we may not be able to find an answer for the destruction and devastation.  Even without answers there is hope. 

There is hope not because it is found in our struggle or toil but because our hope is in Jesus.    

We can look to the way God worked in the lives of these people and be empowered by the steadfast love of Christ.

I hope you will join us this advent season when we look at the lives of the people who have gone before us and how their lives point us to Jesus.

In the comments tell us who helps point you to Christ and if you are going to join us for the study!

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