Forgiven Therefore Free: Galatians

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Forgiven Therefore Free: A Devotional Study Guide for the Galatians

Devotional readings, Illustrations to color, questions to answer, and places to connect. All of the pieces in this resource are designed to illuminate the message of the book of Galatians. Because of Christ you are forgiven and therefore you are free.

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If purchasing a copy is not in the budget right now the devotionals, illustrations, journal entries, and questions are all available right here on the blog.

Stickers to go along with the Devotional Study Guide!

week 5 forgiven therefore free sticker

Full Set of Stickers

There are nice and durable Vinyl stickers. 7 Stickers in the set Each Sticker is 3×3 “For Freedom Christ has set us Free” “He Will Bring it to Completion” “Spirit of Adoption’ “Create in me a Clean Heart” “Only God Makes Things Grow” “By Grace” “If Righteousness…”

10.00 $

The illustrations done by Valerie Mayas will be available for download on the visual faith ministry website on the blog posts! (In PDF format so you can print and use them.)

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These resources are FREE!! Download them, print them, and keep little hands busy while you study and read. Read Galatians together and use these illustrations in your family devotions. Color the illustrations and words and talk about what the book of Galatians says about us being forgiven and therefore free because of the work of Christ.

Inside this resource you will find 4 devotional readings for each of the 6 weeks, places to take notes on what you are reading from Galatians, questions to spur your thinking on what it means that you are forgiven and free on account of Christ, places to jot down prayers, and questions to use when you get together with a group.

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Free Stuff

Check out the Blog posts for each of the free downloads. Things such as journal pages, illustrations to color, or questions to use as a group.

Here are Full Page Illustrations to Color!