Forgiven Therefore Free: Reading Galatians

Galatians is a short six chapter book. It takes about 20 minutes to read. It gives us the opportunity to read it in it’s entirety with ease. I encourage you to read this book 3 times before you begin next weeks devotions and questions.

Reading it a few times gives us a familiarity with it that is helpful while we study.

Read it with your kids, your spouse, have you kids read it to you, have your spouse read it to you, listen to it on audio. It does not matter how you get the words in your brain, get all the words in your brain three times. Take notes. Write out questions, observations, key verses….

Below are pages you can download for free and use to take notes on. Included are some illustrations from Valerie Matayas.

Below is a link to Galatians

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