Hometown Roads

Oh how I love this road…

I love that at 3pm on a Saturday I can stand in the middle of it and not get hit by anyone.

It holds so much of my life right now.

It’s where I get my hair cut and colored when I am feeling fancy or when things get extra sparkly on top. It’s where I buy my groceries. It holds the library where my kids learns so much and ignited a passion in me to read widely. The place where stories on the shelves and stories of the people in the community mingle together. The library with the high table that feels like a café and looks our on this street. Just off of this road is where I first heard my hubby called by his childhood nickname Skippy. It’s also where I gained the name Skip’s wife. My favorite thrift store has a storefront here. An old fashioned drug store where they know who I am and who I belong to. Also with a killer clearance section and super great gift items. While I take this picture I am standing right next to the bank we deposit and attempt to save money at. I joke with people that we ended up here just because of the town festival that I love so dearly. And is happening this weekend!

Also, check out that courthouse! It’s gorgeous!

But what makes this street so great are the people that are on it. The lady who cuts my hair I see on church at Sundays and watch her little guy grow up. When I go buy groceries chances are I will get to chat with some familiar face. The library has the best head librarian on the planet, not even exaggerating. I wasn’t to crazy about begin called Skip’s wife. (Dallas’s wife for sure but Skips wife???) But that nickname is so much a part of him I love it now. And those people who I first heard it from and continue to hear it from hold a piece of his history. A part I was not around for. I get to learn so much about the ‘back then’ Dallas, I mean Skip, from them. They also make if feel like it is my own hometown. When me and our youngest head to our local thrift store it’s difficult to make it out of there without being offered a homemade treat or a toy for him. These ladies who volunteer in this place and have donated a ridiculous amount of money to the hospital auxiliary to make patients stays more comfortable. The bank isn’t just where we cash checks. They know us there too. When we went in to talk about a mortgage it was a long appointment. Not because of all the numbers but on all the catching up that needed to be done.

I love this place because it is beautiful.

I love this place because it’s where God intended us to be.

He intended all the roads we traveled before and he intends all the road we will walk. He’s got this. No doubt about that. The more I live the more I see his provision.

I love this place because of the people along the road it took me to get here and the people I see on the roads I travel regularly. I love this place because people make it feel like my hometown.

Who is on your road that makes you love that road?

Be sure to check out the Study He Leads by Heidi Goehmann and I.

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