A Life in Balance #16

It does not get more joy or hope filled knowing that God is the one working in and through us. A person does not need to live much life to understand we can’t do it. Life and all the things we do gets our of our control and out of balance.

Since it is God at work we can have peace. We are free to do those things on our do to list. They are less of a burden when they are no longer what we look to for confidence. We are free to serve those around us, create our schedules, eat cheese dip, and love our kids but we no longer need to be slaves to any of that.

We are free to walk into the blizzard of live with 25 valentines and a glitter bomb because we know God has got this. It is not dependent on us to balance it all out to ensure we get to the other side safely.

We are free because of all that Christ accomplished for us. We are free because he has been working for us since Adam and Eve. We are free because he is the one who has placed himself in our lives and seeps into each nook and cranny.

It’s not perfect, it is messy, but it is beautiful because we don’t need to worry about balancing every detail.

So…this summer live FREE.

Live messy, unbalanced, joy filled, beautiful lives with Jesus seeping into each and every inch of them.

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