A Life in Balance #15

I’ve written about what all of my idols look like. What does it look like, for me, when I live in the freedom I have in Christ. Life looks pretty similar. It looks similar yet it is oh so different.

When my kids become my idols I beat myself up each and every time they screw up. I question why I am their parent. I question if they are going to end up in jail. I resent them because it might make me look bad. When I live in the freedom of Christ I can look at my kids and say ‘You screwed up and I screw up all the time too.’ There may be consequences for that screwing up but I love you.

When my husband becomes my idol I wake up in the morning wondering what he is going to do for me. I wonder how he is going to make me feel beautiful or boost where ever my confidence is lacking at the moment. I wonder how he is going to balance our lives out just right. When I live in the freedom I have because of Christ I can wake up, smell his awful breath, and know mine smells just as horrible. I can know we are both broken butt heads and we are both loved by our Savior.

When what I can do and my self sufficiency becomes my own idol I can’t admit when I’m wrong. I have to prove that my way is better than another. I have to let everyone know all I am doing and how well I am doing it. When life is in balance and I am living in the freedom of Christ there is humility. I can love those around me who don’t do it the same way I do. I can admit where I am lacking. I can have some degree of humility.

So…which one does my life look like on an average Tuesday? All of these and everything in between. At times I live in the freedom Christ has lavished on me and at times I want to cling to the slavery of idols.

What is important is that it’s not about me. It may be helpful to identify what our functional gods are. It is fiercely beautiful that we don’t have to be the ones who make God our God. He has done the work for us. He has made us His own. He started the work back with Adam and Eve. He released his people from the physical slavery in Egypt and kept them in His care despite their desire for other gods. He kept the promise going with his fierce love and used the children of Rachel and Leah to bring forth children who would lead to Jesus.

Jesus lived as one of us, died, and rose again so that we can have this freedom in Him.

What does freedom in Christ look like in your life?

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