A Life in Balance #14

We can’t find balance in the things we do.  The constant changes and shifts in life make it impossible to find a constant balance.  We can find the peace and hope that we were hoping to find in balancing our life out in a different place.  Our hope is not found in how well we balance our lives it is found in our God who loves, pursues, died, and rose again for us.

So now what?…

We have Jesus…

We have all these things we need to do…

How do we go about our day to day?  How are we suppose to see all of these things on our to do lists?  All this stuff still needs to get done.  Kids need clean clothes.  We need to show up to our jobs so we can buy groceries.  What happens when we look at that to do list in the light of everything that Jesus has already done. 

How does life change when we know Jesus is in every nook and cranny because of who he is instead of what we are doing?

When we look at our to do list in the light of Jesus and all He has already completed on our behalf those burdens we have to complete can become something we get to do because of the freedom we have.  We don’t have to do them to justify ourselves.  We don’t have to do them to prove our worth.  We don’t have to do them well enough to earn the love of anyone. The to do list is no longer where our self worth comes from.  The to do list is no longer what our hearts cling to.  The to do list is no longer the place we look to find joy.

It is for freedom that Christ has set you free.  Jesus did not come to this earth as a man, walk around and battle sin, die on a cross, and come back to life so we can live in fear of doing things wrong.  He did not do all of that for us to walk into blizzard of our lives with 50 valentines stacked on top of a glitter bomb and find ourselves in a puddle of tears because we could not balance it all and hold it all together.

He did all of that so we can be free.  He did it so we can walk into a blizzard of our lives with all the good gifts knowing that if it all ends up on the ground everything will be okay.  It might be a freaking mess but everything will be okay.  We have the freedom to live, love, and serve our neighbors and that is beautiful.

The book that really helped me wrap my head around this idea called vocation or a practical application of what Christian freedom looks like is called ‘God at Work’ by Gene Veith.  Veith gives us a picture of what the gospel looks like.  What it looks like to not try and balance everything but to see everything I do in the completed work of Christ.

In ‘God at Work’ Veith writes

“Vocation (or all the things we do, the whole list we made at the beginning of the month) is a matter of Gospel, a manifestation of God’s action, not our own.  In this sense, vocation is not another burden placed upon us, something else to  fail at, but a realm in which we can experience God’s love and grace, both in the blessings we receive from others and in the way God is working through us despite our failures.

Luther goes so far as to say that vocation is a mask of God.  That is, God hides Himself in the workplace, the family, the Church, and the seemingly secular society.  To speak of God being hidden is a way of describing His presence, as when a child is hiding in the room is there, just not seen.  To realize that the mundane actives that take up most of our lives- going to work, taking the kids to soccer practice, picking up a few things at the store, going to church- are hiding places for God can be a revelation in itself.  Most people seek God in a mystical experience, spectacular miracles, and extra ordinary acts they have to do.  To find Him in vocation brings Him, literally, down to earth, amongst us to see how close He really is to us, and transfigures everyday life.”

Talk about hope…

Our righteousness is secure. We get to live in the freedom of that righteousness.

How does life change when we know Jesus is in every nook and cranny because of who He is instead of what or how well we are doing?

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