A Life in Balance #1 (All the Things)

Balance. What in the world is that?

What does Balance look like in your life?  Or in my case, since my life is not balanced, what would a balanced live look like?  Or feel like? If I achieved it.

Even if you can not describe what balance looks like or what it would look like in your life you do know there are things you are trying to balance. 

What are all those things you do?

Write them down. Make a list of those things.  All of them.  Chances are it is a big list.  Chances are it will look messy.  Don’t forget to include the things that you may not be doing every day but that should get done.  Things like cultivating friendships, eating healthy, spending time with a spouse, moving your body…and the list goes on and on.  When we add those things on to the list of things like carting kids to practice, feeding ourselves and family, volunteering, full-time jobs, part time jobs, laundry…this is a never ending list.

What are all the things on your list? Snap a picture of your list and share it with us on the Loved In Spite of Self Facebook page.

If you are struggling to make the list think through a typical day and write it all down.

During this month we are going to look at ourselves and all of the things we do.  All of these things we do, all of the things on that list you just made, can be considered our vocations.  When we think of vocation we think of something we hold a certificate or degree in or something we would get paid to do.

We are going to look at all the things we do in a different way.  Our paid jobs and unpaid tasks will all be seen in the light of Jesus.  We are going to look at all of the things we do vocationally.  We are going to look at what we do in the light of all that Christ has already accomplished for us.

Looking at the things we do in the light of Jesus and defining them vocationally has been life changing for me.  Not in an everything is perfect now life changing way BUT it is life changing because my hope comes from something outside of myself.  My hope comes not from what I do but from what Jesus has done.  My hope comes from Jesus and who he is instead of who I am or what I get done in a day, week, month, year, or decade. 

My hope and balance comes from outside of myself yet sometimes I forget that.  I forget that it’s not about me and what I do but who Christ is and what he has already completed.  When I forget about all that Christ has completed for me my life feels crazy and unbalanced. 

When I forget about the completed work of Christ life is crazy and unbalanced and I get agitated, irritable, I don’t want to look at my to do list much less finish it, I give up and stop eating healthy.  I stop taking the time to do normal healthy things like moving my body.  Yet even when I forget about the completed work of Christ He does not forget about me and that is what we will talk about in these next weeks.

What Jesus did on the this earth when he came as a man, died, and rose again effects our everyday. It changes how we see all the things on our to do list. It changes how we see the people around us.

2 thoughts on “A Life in Balance #1 (All the Things)

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