Ruth: More Than a Love Story by Elizabeth Ahlman

The story of Ruth contains a beautiful picture of a daughter in law and mother in law relationship but there is more.  The story of Ruth tells us a story of women in desperate conditions and a man who saves them but there is more.  The story of Ruth gives us a picture of a faithful woman but there is more to the story than these things. 

The book of Ruth is only 4 chapters long.  It only takes up one and a half pages in my bible yet it holds so much hope.  It tells a story of women in a desperate situation and the hope they find.  It holds the story of Ruth, her mother in law Naomi, and their whole family.  It tells the story of their desperation and hope.  It also tells us the story of our same desperation and our same home. 

Apart from Christ we are in just as desperate of situation as Ruth and Naomi find themselves in.  Just like Ruth and Naomi we need someone other than ourselves to save us.  Just like Ruth and Naomi, apart from Christ, our lives are as hopefulled as famine and wasteland.  Just like Ruth and Naomi we are saved by the one who see us.  We are saved by Christ who sees our desperate situation.  We are saved by Christ because of who he is.  We are saved from the famine and drought of our lives because of Christ.

In Ruth:More than a Love Story, Ahlman, does a fantastic job showing us where the hope is found in the story of Ruth and in our own lives.  She dives deep and gives us a huge refreshing gulp of the fierce love Jesus has for us. 

Ahlman also give us a better understanding of the whole Old Testament and tools to find Jesus and the hope we have in in in those books. 

If you are looking for something to deepen your understanding of the book of Ruth I highly recommend this one!  It is great for self study or to go through with a friend or a group of friends. 

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