Leviticus: The little I do know

I wish I understood every law, regulation and ceremony that this book of Leviticus holds. I do not. I am far from a biblical scholar. Even if I was a biblical scholar so many of them disagree on so much of what all of this means.

What I think I know is that God gave these people laws for a specific time, a specific context and a specific lifestyle.

Another thing I think I know is that the same God who gave these laws and regulations is our God and he is unchanging. The cultures change. The peoples change. The lifestyles change. God remains the same. He remains the same yet shows up in different ways.

What did I pick up on this read through of Leviticus:

When things are complete and ready God redeems things in his time. In these laws and regulations it shows up in increments of 7. 7 days. 7 years.

Because things are complete and he has redeemed and is redeeming things he wants his creation to rest. He wanted the land to rest every 7 years. He wanted his people to rest every 7 days.

He is all about celebrations.

I do know know much about Leviticus but what I know about God is that he desires compete redemption of his people and creation, He wants is creation to rest in his work and redemption, He is all about celebrations and festivals.

How does that change your view of Leviticus when we see patterns of compete redemption?

God’s desire for his creation to rest?

And patterns of celebration after redemption?

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