Lent: Giving it up

Lent, a season of the church year, begins on Wednesday.

This season holds some of my favorite hymns.

This is a season that can become dark and filled with sorrow and for good reason. During these next weeks leading up to Easter we will watch Jesus walk to the cross. But all through the season we can remember that the story does not end at the cross.

One way of observing the season is to give something up. I have never done this. As a kid I would last about a week before I indulged in whatever I had ‘given up’. If by some miracle I was able to give something up in my adult life I am 99 percent sure it would just become an area of pride for me..’look what I gave up’ type of thing…Even if I never told a single person.

I’m not planning on giving anything up this year either. My reason: I would think more about what tiny first world luxury I am giving up instead of what Christ gave up for us…His life.

If giving something up for lent causes you to think about the sacrifice and the resurrection of Christ for you…then by all means find something to give up. If you are thinking more about the thing you have given up than about what Jesus has done for you maybe skip it this year…

This season, just like every day of the church year, is a time to think about what Christ has done FOR YOU. What could you this year to make that your focus? If it is giving something up DO IT and let me know about it I would love to hear about it! If there is something else DO IT and I would LOVE to hear about it!

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