What I have read in 2019

Last year I posted about what I was going to read in 2018. It was laughable. What was even more laughable was what I actually finished reading.

This year I’m not going to tell anybody any plans. Not even myself. What I will tell you is what I have read and a little bit about those books.

Apparently I can not even follow plans that I instate for myself. Plans that I would love to actually have work out. What I can do is tell you what has actually happened. In this case what I have actually read.

I do have to say this is more than I’ve read in a while for the beginning of the year. I have had a little help with motivation. The library that I love oh so much is giving away coffee mugs if you read a specific amount of books and do things like learn about remote library access and attend a library event. I didn’t get started on this until January so it was a busy month of reading. The weather may have helped too.

If you are from MN and especially if you live in west central MN these books are great. I’m not a huge fan of historical fiction but this one is great and enjoyed reading about that the land looked like right where I live many years ago.
I said I don’t read much historical fiction…I should have said I don’t read much fiction at all. I made an exception for this one and I am so glad I did. Rasanen is an excellent author and person all around. Go and follow her on Instagram. Vanessa’s characters are rich and so are their relationships. I adore the love the main character has for her husband. The relationship that hooked me to this series is the friendship between the main character and her friend. Vanessa portrays a real relationship between two women and it is beautiful. It is not perfect or idealized but it’s beautiful.
I must have turned a leaf recently. Yet another fiction book on my list. This one was recommended by my first grade teacher. It’s also about Mn. Rural communities. Farming. All the things I live right in the middle of and love.
Go read this book. If you read your bible. If you want to start reading your bible. If you are sick of reading your bible. If you never get anything out of it when you read your bible go read this book.
Go read this book.
Man or woman go read this book.
My hubby read this and he loved it. He does not read much other than the Outdoor News so you betcha I am going to read it too! I actually enjoyed it. As someone who likes being around people and enjoys her alone time the idea of being alone year after year is scary and intriguing. If you enjoy books about human psychology or about people who have done unusual things add this one to your list.
A hard intense dark read yet the author handled the subject matter with respect and delicate hands.
I have been wanting to
If you are a Christian this would be a good read. Not just a good read an excellent read.
I have a confession on this book. I was on the hunt for a short book so I could earn my mug. This was the ticket so I could finish the task at my local library and get a hand made coffee mug. It may have been a way to earn a mug but I am glad I picked this one up. Steinbeck is an author I have had on my to read list. I just added East of Eden to my to be read list… Ps my to be read list is oh so short this year and I don’t even write them down.
Big love.
“Don’t call it ministry…call it a Tuesday.”
-Bob Goff
I could not love this idea and so many of the ideas he writes about in this book more.

What have you read this year?

What do you want to read this year?

What is your favorite read from this year (so far)?

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