Grace From the Start: Day 11 {Dec. 5th}

The family of Joseph settled near him so he could provide for them. 400 years pass and the people forget about who Joseph was.  Just as God promised, the Israelites flourish and become many people.  The people also became slaves just as he told Abraham. Even slavery and oppression did not keep the Israelites from becoming a large group of people.

They were multiplying so ferociously that the Egyptians feared they would be overtaken by the people they held as slaves.  The king of Egypt commanded the midwives to end the lives of any boys born to the Israelite women.  The midwives did not obey the command of the king.  The Pharaoh then commanded the Egyptians to throw any Hebrew boy into the Nile river.

One woman hid her child until he was to old to be hidden.  She created a boat and placed the baby in the Nile. His sister followed and watched until Pharaoh’s daughter rescued thebaby out of the water.  His mother endsup nursing the child until he is weened and this child, Moses, goes to live in the home of Pharaoh.

This baby, Moses, will be the man God uses to rescue his people from slavery, lead them to the promised land and fulfill a piece of  the covenant that he made to sleeping Abraham.  When we read the story of Moses we can see the story of Jesus poking through. 

Jesus also comes as a baby in a common home. He is sent to rescue people from the slavery of their sin and bring these people into his family, into relationship with him, and into the promised land.  Moses will be sent by God to save God’s people from physical slavery.      

Moses grows up and witnesses an Egyptian treating one of his people, the Israelites, poorly.  He murders the Egyptian and buries the body in the sand.  Fearful for his life Moses runs away.  While he is away from Egypt he marries and becomes a shepherd.

One day while he is tending to his flock God speaks to him through a burning bush.  I know pretty impressive.

God let’s Moses know just what is going to happen and just how He is going to use Moses in His plan. “Come I will send you to Pharaoh that you may bring my people, the children of Israel,out of Egypt.” {Genesis 3:10}

Moses thinks this is about him and his abilities.  Perhaps Moses believes that he was the one who worked in the hearts of the Egyptian Midwives to preserve his life, who developed a faith and love in his mother to hide and preserve him, convinced Pharaohs daughter she should rescue this Israelite baby her father wanted dead, and orchestrated his return to his mother’s arms….I don’t think so Moses…

Moses and us are the same in this regard.  We both think we are the ones in charge or we need to really be something.  The fact is we are really loved by a God who really is something.

God reassures Moses that it is not him but He, God, who is in control and it is He, God, who is in control of doing the freeing from slavery.  God freed the Isralites from their physical slavery and he does the same for us.  He frees us from the slavery of sin.  

Moses, like us, has a pretty hard head and wants to give all kinds of reasons he is not equpipped for this job.  Moses is right.  He is not equipped for the job but, it is not Moses who is going to do the job.

Moses gives reasons that are true. 

Moses tells God that he is not good with words.  Here is God’s response:

“Who has made man’s mouth?  Who makes him mute, or deaf, or seeing, orblind?  Is it not I, the Lord?  Now therefore go, and I will be with yourmouth and teach you want you shall speak.”  

 {Exodus 4:11-12}

God created Moses’s mouth.  Jesus is The Word. 

Moses tells God that he is afraid of Pharaoh.

“See, I have made you like God to Pharaoh, and your brother Aaron shall be your prophet.”  

{Exodus 7:1} 

He assures Moses that he has nothing to fear.  There is no way Moses could make himself above Pharaoh.  God can.

Moses tells God that he does not have the right reputation.  Here is God’s response:

“I AM WHO I AM and he said “Say this to the people of Israel”  I AM HAS SENT ME TO YOU.”  God also said to Moses “Say this to the people of Israel: “ I am has sent me to you,”  God also said to Moses “Say this to the people of Israel, The Lord, the God of your fathers, the God of Abraham, the God of Isaac, the God of Jacob, has sent me to you.  This is my name forever, and thus I am to be remembered throughout all generations.”  

{Exodus 3:14-15} 

It is not Moses reputation but the reputationof God, I AM.  It is all that he as accomplished for these people that has given God His reputation.

All of these reasons Moses gives for not being able to do the job are correct. 

God does not try and boost Moses’s self esteem. 

Instead God gives him something he can actually rely on. God reminds Moses of His abilities not Moses’s abilities.

As believers we need to do this for one another too.  We need to assure one another in something that is for sure, someone that is certain.  Moses did not need to hear that he can do it.  Moses did not need to hear that he is good with words.    What Moses and what we need too hear is this:

We need to be reminded that Jesus has always been and always will be.  Jesus is the one with the reputation.

Jesus is the one who gets the job done.

Jesus is the one with the right words.

We need to be reminded that we do not have the right reputation but Jesus had the right reputation and we are with Him. 

We do not need to hear that we are good at X, Y, or Z.  We need to hear that God has given us a gift in a certain area, He is equipping us, He is the one at action.  We get to watch the story unfold but he is the one in control. 

He reminds us, and we get to remind one another, that everything is not about us.  Everything is about Him.  We aren’t good enough but he was perfect.  We don’t do things right but He did.  We can see that in our lives and the lives of the Isralites.  The whole story, the whole bible is about Jesus.  We can see ourselves in the actions of the Isralites. He reminds us when we read these pages that the Isralites were not in control and neither are we. 

He reminds us and we get to remind one another that “I AM THE WAY, AND THE TRUTH, AND THE LIFE.  NO ONE COMES TO THE FATHER EXCEPT THROUGH ME.”  {John 14:6}

We will soon see in big ways how Jesus was THE WAY and made THE WAY for the Isralites.

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