If I Could


Eric Church, Chris Stapelton, even Luke Bryan and Florida Georgia Line with there sparkly pants… this is my favorite music.  My husband will put up with Luke Bryan because of songs like Harvest Time and Florida Georgia Line because of songs like Grow Old With me and because he loves me.

Country music can sometimes have a bad name inside church doors.  I have got to disagree with its bad wrap.  Before I get into my reasons you should turn up the radio when this stuff pops on let me make sure you understand I do not agree with every theological idea that comes across.  However…

These people who write this music understand they are sinners.

When they do talk about Jesus they know he is the one who gets the job done.  The job of redemption is in his hands and not their actions.

Those good things they do the credit is given to Jesus.

(There are some writers who compose contemporary Christian music who could take some notes from these writers.)

But if it were up to me to change
I’d turn “lies” and “hate” to “love” and “truth”
If I could only kill a word

I’d knock out “temptation”‘s teeth
I’d sever “evil,” and let it bleed
Light up “wicked,” stand and watch it burn
I’d take “vice” and I’d take “vile”
And tie ’em up there with “hostile”
Hang ’em high and leave ’em for the birds
If I could only kill a word

So give me sticks, give me stones
Bend my body, break my bones
Use staff and rod to turn me black and blue
Cause you can’t unhear, you can’t unsay
But if it were up to me to change
I’d turn “lies” and “hate” to “love” and “truth”
If I could only kill a word
Yeah, if I could only kill a word

We all want to do what Eric Church talks about here.

We want to turn all of our own and the whole worlds lies and hate into love and truth.

We want to rid ourselves and our kids of temptation.

We want to sever the evils of the world when we watch the news at night.

We see the hostility on Twitter or what ever social media is our go to and we want to hang it high.  We want to be the ones to stop the hostility.

We want to do all of this but it is out of our power.

In the Beginning was.png

The beauty is that THE WORD, love and truth in human form, Jesus, took on all of these little words all of the lies and hate.  He took all the lies and hate, all the evil, all the hostility so we don’t have to.

Thank goodness because we would be powerless without his love and acts of love.

BUT because of his love we can love.

Cheers for Beer Day!.png

When we are looking at the world or ourselves and seeing hate, evil, and all the vile things we can look away and look at the cross. We don’t look away to ignore the hate and evil we look at the cross to regain hope.  Looking to that hope may even make us a little more like him and a little less like ourselves.

We look away from the hurt to look at hope.  This isn’t easy.  I think of the Israelite’s and the command from God to look away from the snakes that were biting them and look to the thing that was biting them hanging on a pole.  He had crucified what was killing them.  (Here is another post about this)

He took on what kills us and hung it on the cross.  Just as he did with the Israelite people and the snake he did for our sin with himself.  He took our sin that is hurting and will eventually kill us and hung it on the cross.  That death and resurrection of Christ means that we will do the same.  Our sin will kill us and the life of Christ will resurrect us.

When it looks like all hope is lost.  Look to the cross.

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