Church is weird.

Church can be awkward.

Church can be awful.

People in the church can make it feel like you should be there.  People can make it feel like you shouldn’t be there.

Church might appear like a bunch of saints…

Way back when.  I have no idea when if I did I would tell you and hopefully look really smart..  Way back when certain churches had the tradition of painting their church doors red.  It looked something like this –>

red church door

I adore this tradition and what it communicates.

Every person who enters this family of Christ must walk through the blood of Jesus.  They do not enter because of what they look like or what they have done.  Each person who will find a place to rest their bums in the pews walks through a door that reminds each person they are here by the grace of God.  They do not become a member of the Church on their own merit but because of the merits of Jesus.

This makes me want to become a vandal and paint every church door in our town a bright gleaming red.

I’m not going to do that.  I am thinking that would be a pretty hefty fine that could go towards my book addiction…instead of cleaning church doors off.

What can I do instead?  I can make sure people know that I don’t strut through those church doors or into the presence of Jesus on my own merit.  I can confess what I am.  I can confess how great my God is.

This summer I heard a song about church on the local county music station.  Take a listen here and then come back and read

Craig-Walker Hayes

No I don’t think you need to give out a mini van.

No I don’t think that giving away a mini van is what makes you a Christian.

Here is what I want to get across this Sunday morning:

What the writer of this song saw wasn’t the goodness of the person handing him the keys to a vehicle his whole family would fit in. What the writer of this song saw was the goodness of the God that Craig has.  Craig was being used by God to provide.  The writer of this song, the person who received the mini van, understood that this good thing came from the God who walks on water, turns water to wine, and who is the light of the world.

“Yeah I know, he sounds cool right?
Not your typical kid from Sunday School, right?
I still ain’t figured out church yet
But Craig, I get
Nah he can’t walk on water, turn the Napa Valley red
But he just might be tight with a man that did
Now he’s not the light of the world
But I wish that mine was bright as his
Yeah he just might be tight with a man that is”

This is what Church is all about.  Church is all about the God who walks on water, turns water into wine, is the light of the world and uses broken people to help other broken people and shows Himself through the cracks of these broken people.

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