Becoming Dust

I have a fairly decent sized stack of books that I want to write about.  The problem comes when I try to narrow down what to say about these books I have, learned from, understood more broadly because of, and gleaned knowledge from.

Know when you are reading this post there is so much more to the book God’s County by Brad Roth than what I will write about here.  If you have a church home that you love or a church home that frustrates you, or if you have no idea what church should look like I would encourage you to pick this book up.  Roth, a Mennonite pastor, writes about how to minister as a pastor in a rural community.  He may be a Pastor and this book may help a great number of Pastors who have found themselves in rural locations but this book is not just for Pastors.  Anyone in any church could pick this book up and soak in it’s wisdom.

I’d like to write about each and every quote I have highlighted but I am afraid it would become longer than the actual book.  If you were siting in front of me right now I would brew a huge put of coffee.  It would take more than just a Keurig cup to get through this conversation.   In this post I want to give you just enough of the ideas he presented to chew on them for awhile and maybe you will throw this book in your Amazon cart.

Instead of writing a blog post that is 40,000 words long (your welcome) I am going to dive into chapter 3 of the book and give you the a glimmer into this concept of Abiding and as Pastor Roth put it becoming the dust of the place we live in.

Becoming the du.png

Boiled down as simplistically as I can what he communicates throughout chapter three is that we love and abide in the places we are because that is where Jesus is.  No matter where we find ourselves we can abide.  No matter where we find ourselves Jesus is there.  We can abide because Jesus is in all places.

In order to abide we need to take the time and look at the place that we are.  Where can we see Jesus? What is he doing right here in this place?

The world we live in right now does not allow a lot of time to abide.  We are to busy going and moving to become the dust of a place.  We are to busy blowing the dust around to see what makes up the communities we live in.

_This is abiding_ making our home among people, heroically locating ourselves among real people in real places. It takes guts..png

“This is abiding: making our home among people, heroically locating ourselves among real people in real places.  It takes guts.

But then, that’s what Jesus did.  It’s what, through us, he still does.

The Word becomes flesh, fashioned and formed from dust, and lives among us.”

-Brad Roth, God’s Country


This is what we are suppose to be doing living with people, making this place our home, seeing the good, the bad, and the ugly.  Finding Jesus in a place and abiding, being.  Being Jesus in a place and abiding.  Jesus, the word, became flesh and dwelt among us and he still dwells among us.

What does it mean in your community to become the dust of the place?

God’s Country by Brad Roth

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