Do that thing

“When I’m a mom my kids will wake up in the morning.  I will ask what they want to do and then we will do that thing.” —This is what my six year old informed me that her future would look like.  It’s pretty simple.  A request is made or an idea is presented and then it happens.  However, speaking for experience, this is not how life works for me.  I, unlike God, cannot speak things into existence.  My pride sneaks up on me and I think I can speak things into existence.  I think that just by telling my kids something it will happen.  I think that by making a to do list I will get it done.  I see other people getting it done and killing it so I imagine I can get it done.  THEN…life hits.  Things come up that need to be attended to.  Someone gets sick.  I get sick.  No one can find their shoes.  We need to run to the store for the 15th time in a week.

If I remember correctly my response to her was not very gracious.  I think I laughed and said “Oh sweets I wish life was that easy”  and “I hope your kids wake up every morning and say we want to go to Grandma Katie’s house that way I will get to see my grand kids everyday.”

She did not enjoy my response and stomped off.

Later we had a conversation that was a little bit about entitlement and a little bit about how things come up and life and schedules get switched and moved around.  It was like I was preaching to myself…

I want to get up in the morning, declare what will happen, and then make it all happen.  It may work out some days but on so very many days that is not how it would pan out.

When God says something will happen it happens.  When I say something will happen there is no hard and fast guarantee I often let myself or the people around me down.  I’m not saying I don’t try and make it happen.  I’m saying that God’s words are the words that create not mine.  People may tell us things, work their tail ends off to make it happen, and it could fall apart.  God on the other hand makes happen what he says will happen.

We may not be able to completely rely on the words that others say but we can completely rely on the words that God has given us.  This is part of the reason I like reading the Old Testament.  God says something will happen and then we read a few chapters later that it happened.  The time between God saying something would happen and it happening may have been more than a lifetime but we get to see it play out in the narrative.  It’s encouraging to see the words of God creating and making things happen.  It’s beautiful to see the promises being fulfilled.

In creation God spoke and everything we have was created.  Light, water, sky, air, animals, birds, people…all of it.

God promised Abraham that his descendants would be as numerous as the grains of sand and the stars of the sky.  In the book of Exodus we read that the people were becoming more and more numerous.  His family ended up being the line Jesus came from.  Everyone who believes in Jesus is grafted into his family and the family of Abraham.  That is a lot of descendants.

As soon as Adam and Eve went off on their own and severed the perfect relationship they had with God he handed out a promise.  It took generation after generation after generation but eventually, when the time was exactly right, Jesus was on this earth and fulfilling the promise.

When God speaks, when God promises, those things happen.

When God speaks, when God promises, those things happen..png


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