A Well Crafted Jesus

When and how does Jesus want us to tell our kids about him?

Is it with a well organized craft?

Is it during a beautiful meal?

How about riding home from baseball practice?

If you are good at crafts then go for it!  If you have been gifted with awesome kitchen skills then go for it!  If your kids have a question after baseball practice answer and go for it!  BUT know that crafts and meals and car rides are not the only times we can talk about Jesus

The seemingly simple answer to the question to when and how do we do this is all of the above and all the time.  That being said I think we can talk about it a little more and get a little more insight into what’s going on than just telling one another to talk about Jesus all the time.  Pintrest may be a great help if like to craft but let’s face it no where did Jesus say ‘Thou shall organize one craft a week to illustrate how much I love your children.”

One of my favorite hymns is Hark, The voice of Jesus Crying.  Chances are It is one of my favorites for self centered and narcissistic reasons…it was the first time I had been picked to sing a solo.  The words to this song have been tumbling around in my head since then.  I think I must have been in the 4th or 5th grade and since I so badly didn’t want to screw it up I memorized they whole hymn.  My solo was only half of a verse.

Tangent story aside here are some of the lyrics to the hymn:

If you cannot speak like angels

If you cannot preach like Paul

If you cannot rouse the wicked

If you cannot be a watchman

human 2.png

You can lead the little children to the Saviors waiting arms.png

If you cannot make a shepherds staff out of pipe cleaners

If you cannot sew Josephs coat of many colors

If you cannot keep your kids focused during church

If you cannot write perfectly painted calligraphy bible passages to hang on your wall

If you cannot draw Noah’s ark

If you cannot create the nativity scene out of Popsicle sticks

If you cannot make fresh rolls to have during bible time

If you cannot (insert whatever thing you attempted from Pintrest that crashed and burned)

human 2

You can lead the little children to the Saviors waiting arms

If you have the gift of baking then bake.  If you have the gift of sewing then sew.  If you have the gift of listening then listen.  If you have the gift of crafting then craft.

Deuteronomy tells us when we should tell our kids about the love of Jesus.  It says “you shall talk of them when you sit in your house, and when you walk by the way, and when you lie down, and when you rise.”   (Deuteronomy 6:7) There is your simple answer:  All the time.

If you have been paralyzed by how to talk to your kids about Jesus then confess that.  Confess that and know you have been forgiven.  Confess it to a trusted friend and let her tell you that you are forgiven.  Confess it to your pastor and let him absolve you.  Confess it to your husband and let him tell you that you are forgiven.  Confess it right now and read this:  YOU ARE FORGIVEN.

Know that you are forgiven for each missed opportunity and live in that freedom to get up and do it again the next minute, hour, day, month or year.  Don’t live in fear.  Live in forgiveness and freedom.

When do you get to tell your kids about how much Jesus loves them?  What gifts have you been given that makes it ‘easy’ to illustrate the love of Jesus to your kids?  How has God equipped you specifically to give the gospel to your kiddos?  (We all have gifts we have been given even if you can’t see them right now.)

What is the ‘deeper’ or more specific answer of how can we talk to our kids about Jesus?  I think that comes when we talk to each other.  In community we learn about the people around us and ourselves.  We can ask each other when they talk to their kids about Jesus.  We can glean something from it.  Maybe we have a gifting in that area or maybe it will spark an idea we can use in our own lives.  We won’t do it the same but we are all doing the same thing.





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