The Runaway



My two year old’s (and my favorite book to read to him) right now is The Runaway Bunny by Margaret Wise Brown.

In the story the little bunny wants to run from his mother. He uses his vivid imagination to think of ways he could ‘escape’ the loving hands of his mother. In each situation he transforms himself into something other than a little bunny. In each sinerio the mother assures her little bunny that she will seek him and find him.

If he becomes a fish she will become a fisherman.

If he becomes a rock she will become a rock climber.

If he becomes a crocus she will become a gardener.

If he becomes a bird she will become the tree that he comes home to.

If he becomes a sailboat she will become the wind and will blow him where she wants him to go.

If he becomes a circus performer so will she.

If he becomes a little boy she will become his mother.

This goes on until the bunny realizes his mother is bot going to relent. She will not give up.

It’s the same way with Jesus and us. We want to go our own way but Jesus continues to pursue us until we relent like the little bunny and rest with Jesus.

It was the same way with Jesus and the Israelite’s.

The Old testament can be a daunting set of books to read.  It can and has been read wrongly.  It was even misinterpreted by the disciples who walked on this earth with Jesus.  After his death they were all fearful.  What they expected Jesus to do was to restore everything and get all the things back in the right order here on earth.  Then they watched him die on a cross.  He was not going to be able to be an earthly king laying in a tomb.

A favorite section of scripture for me is ‘the road to Emmaus’.  As the distraught disciples were walking down the road a man approached them.  He questioned why they appeared so down.  I am sure they wanted nothing to do with explaining to this stranger all that had happened.  How could he not know?  How could anyone have missed the happenings of the last few days?  Had he not been there to watch the Crucifixion?

The stranger was Jesus.  As they walked along the road they were unaware of who he was because he kept his identity from them.  All along the way he unfolded all that the scriptures, the scriptures they had grown up with, was actually about.  It was all about Him, Jesus.

Not only was it all about Him but it was about his love for them.  It was and is a genealogy of Jesus.  It was and is the accounts of people who could not get it right with the faithfulness of Jesus shinning through.  It was prophesies of everything he would accomplish.

One of my favorite authors has a new study out called Finding the Love of Jesus: from Genesis to Revelation.  If you are looking for a study that will give you a birds eye view of scripture with Christ as the focus this would be a great resource.  It’s a study that will make you want to dive deeper.  It highlights where Christ is in the scriptures and makes it easier to find Him on your own.

Here is a quote from Elyse:

“Rather, it is only when we learn that lesson that Jesus taught that we will be able to preserve in the difficulties we inevitably face.  Only then will the Bible blaze to life before our eyes.  “He talked, their hearts, previously chilled by disappointment and confusion, got warmer and warmer, to the ignition point.”  They began to see what we’ll eventually see: our Savior in his leading role, as the one who loved us and who is the point of everything that was ever written in Scriptures from beginning to end.”

Looking for Christ first when we crack open our bibles will set our hearts and minds in the right direction.  If we look for things other than Christ we may be disappointed we couldn’t find the advice we were looking for.  It may be disheartening when we can’t face up to something we consider a Goliath in our lives.  We may fall into pride if we think we have conquered our Goliath with just 5 easy steps instead of 5 smooth stones.

If you are discouraged or dishartened when reading your bible.

If reading the bible feels like a chore…

I would suggest praying the next time you open your bible that you will see Jesus EVERYWHERE.  If you would like someone to help walk you through it pick up a copy of Finding the love of Jesus


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