Balm to heal the Wounded Heart


Chief of Sinners

Good Friday can be an emotional experience.  Last night when Pastor stripped the altar to complete the Maudy Thursday Service it was an emotional experience.  A moment that made us pause and think. The hubby and I were able to go just the two of us last night because my beautiful sister in law took all four of our kiddos overnight.  (That’s right all four overnight.  And from what it sounds like I sent a crap show over to her house last night.  There was vomit, forgotten clothes, and she currently has her kitchen ripped apart.  That right there is Christian service.)

Watching Pastor remove all of the ornaments that beautify the alter being removed, hearing the Velcro rip off the altar, seeing an altar that usually shows life with flowers and color now bear, being prepared to remember death.  The same altar that moments before we had received the life giving meal of Christ’s body and blood.

In our usual routine I may not have noticed as much.  My brain may not have been able to process it with a toddler crawling all over me.  An 8 year old asking how much longer for the 100th time, and a kindergartner begging me to look at her final picture.  In all that it would not have been any type of heart tugging experience for me or a moment to make me stop and think.

Either way the goodness and faithfulness of Jesus are all still present.  It does not depend on my much of an emotional response I have, how deeply I realize or respond to it.  It is just a free gift given by Jesus in so many ways.  One of the places you can watch and know it is being dealt out is in the divine service.

Which ever place you are in.  If you are having an emotional response to your sin or just know that the Balm to heal the wounded heart and the peace that flows from sin forgiven, the Joy that lifts out soul to heaven is still there.

When our sin confronts us and when we realize that we are the chief of sinners the only cure is Jesus.

The only balm to heal the wounded heart when we are in the pit of our sin is knowing that peace that flows from Jesus veins the forgiveness of sins that we are in the season of remembering.

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