This Mama’s Verse


Parenting books line the shelves of stores, parenting articles number the billions in google searches, advice from strangers on blog forums, advice from friends and family… the list of ways to obtain information is long. Parents are on information overload.

My brain just wants to shut off some days. My brain wants to say I am done, I can not make another decision. Especially after I have blown an entire afternoon googling all the ways to be a better parent or after spending all kinds of money on parenting books.

I don’t need to run to google for the answer. I don’t need to run to Freud or some other contemporary psychologist for the answer. They may provide some guidance and much needed advice. The programs and strategies may be how God works in the life of my kids but we should not run to or worship at the feet of parenting books or google searches. We should not rely on them to create, shape, or mold our children into who they ‘should’ be.

I need to run to the one who did create and redeem both me and my children.

God’s desire for my children is for them to know HIM.

For them to be loved with a love that mirrors the love he has for them and me.

For them to be encouraged in the gifts and talents he has given them and in their faith.

Paul writes about how God is using him and I think as mothers we can learn from this verse about God’s desire for people and how he is using us in the lives of our kids.

‘[My purpose is]

that their hearts may be encouraged,

being knit together in love,

to reach all the riches of full assurance

of understanding

and the knowledge of Gods mystery, which is Christ,

in whom are hidden all the treasures of wisdom and knowledge

Col 2:2-3

The verse shows that the action piece of the puzzle is not Paul (or you or me) but the work of Jesus. You and me and Paul get to be used by God and maybe at times see God’s work in the lives of the people around us. It does not say that Paul is always encouraging or that Paul is knitting their hearts together in love. It does not say that Paul is revealing all the mysteries of Christ. Paul’s purpose (and yours and mine) is that God use us so that the people around us can be encouraged, their hearts can be knit together in love, and they may know Jesus.

Can you see specific ways God is using you in the lives of your kids? I would love to hear about them. It is so encouraging to hear about the specific ways God is moving in people’s lives.

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