Praying for our kids

I’m not a prayer expert.

But I do pray.

Sometimes praying with or for my children is overwhelming. All I can think of are doubts and questions. What am I missing? What should be my main concern to pray for them, about them, or with them? I can find hundreds of resources on Pinterest, in Christian book stores, and on blogs that will show me the 99 ways I must be praying for my child (or they will end up single, homeless, and whatever else keeps parents awake at night).

There is sin in that concern. I am way to focused on myself. I forget it’s not about my faithfulness.

Instead of fretting over what I should be saying I can rest in God’s faithfulness. Here is what Romans 8:26 tells us.

romas prayer

I could pray for my child’s future spouse. What if God’s will for her is singleness?

I could pray for my child’s overall heath and physical well being. I do this. God’s will and plan for his life may include sickness.

I could pray for each detail of her day to be filled with tranquility. What if God’s will for her day is to learn how to deal with controversy and discomfort?

Life is to big and unknown for me to cover each character trait, each minute, and each circumstance. That does not mean that hope is lost. It’s actually the opposite. A hope that requires us to be the hinge pin is no hope at all. Real hope is found outside of ourselves. We pray our prayers for and with our children. Rest and peace are found because of Jesus not because of the prayers we are praying. Rest and peace can be found in prayer because the spirit is interceding for us.

Peace is found when we discover and daily rediscover our hope and the hope for our children in scripture. Scripture tells us that ‘the Spirit himself intercedes for us with groaning’s too deep for words.’

Many times in prayer I can’t find enough or the right words to explain what is going on in my head and heart much less the head and heart of my child. You don’t need to know each and every detail your child needs. You are part of the piece of your child’s life. That is why God put you there. That is why God gave you that child. He is using you. But….rest in knowing that you are not your child’s savior. You will pray for and with your child. Don’t rest on your own prayers. Rest in knowing that the spirit is intervening for your child ‘in groans to deep for words’. Rest in knowing that Jesus is our hope and the hope of our children.

2 thoughts on “Praying for our kids

  1. I really appreciate this. I used to pray for my children’s safety…mostly selfishly honestly because I couldn’t imagine the pain of losing them. Who wants to go through that? I heard from a wise person one time to instead pray, “Lord, you write their testimony.” Because only He does anyway and whatever that looks like is better than what I could even begin to pray. So while I pray individual wants and needs for the present for my kids, this is my only future prayer for them. Thank God for the Holy Spirit, who is ever faithful!!!

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    • ‘Write your testimony Lord’ it sounds an awful lot like ‘Thy will be done’. I can lay awake at night praying for their safety hoping I have covered all my bases. When I do that I am relying on my prayers and my faithfulness instead of Jesus. Thanks Heidi!


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