Got You!

Tiny two year old feet pounding on the floor.  One warm and wrapped in a sock.  The other five toes cold and making a louder slapping noise on the laminate floor.


The closer he gets the louder the slapping of his foot get and the bigger his smile becomes until his cheeks push so far up you can barely see his eyes.

As he squeezes my neck and my arms wrap around him he proudly yells GOT YOU!  GOT YOU MAMA!

After the giant squeeze his arms come lose and he is flailing around with all his force and using his body weight to his advantage.  His smile still large.  What I can see of his eyes hidden by his cheeky smile are sparkling with joy and pride.  He got his Mama.

About 3 seconds in he decides he wants to get down.  Then mid way to the floor he yells ‘No mama. No Down. Up Mama.’

Because he is two he believes he is in complete control.  He is convinced that he GOT ME.  He is sure it is his strength holding him to his Mama.

That same two year old’s Godparents have a little girl who, around the same age would ask her mama ‘Hold you…Hold you’??  when she wanted to be held.

We want to think we are holding on to Jesus.  And maybe we are.  Maybe for 1/1000 of a second we are.  But most of the time I think we are flailing our body weight around not knowing what the heck we want.  All the while Jesus has us.  He’s not going to set us down.


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