What Are You Listening To?

What am I listening to All the time?…Chris Stapelton…Chris Stapelton on Pandora… Chris Stapelton on Spotify…Chris Stapelton on YOUTUBE.  Chris Stapelton

In the car we are listening to Hank the Cow dog.  My kids adore him!  We check the audio books out at the library but I’m thinking you can probably find it on Amazon.  Just a heads up if you dive into this with your kids you will understand just how hillbilly our family is…But they laugh and laugh and laugh!

Hank the Cow dog on Amazon

When I’m doing the house work that is not my favorite (so really any house work) I listen to my favorite podcasts.  ps. these are in no particular order.

40 Minutes in the OT

40 minutes each week looking at the Old Testament and seeing Jesus.  I would list my favorite episodes but it would be to trick on this one.  Start at Episode one and go slow and steady right along with them.  If you are up for it BINGE listen to this one.  It may feel like you are drinking out of a firehose to binge listen to this one.  You will learn something, I promise!

40 Minutes in the OT

Front Porch with the Fitzies

This one comes from one of my favorite authors Elyse Fitzpatrick and her kids Jessica and Joel.  It’s great because these people are hilarious.  A good place to start would probably be somewhere between episode #21 and #27.  It’s kind of like the office you need to listen to a few and then you will fall in love.  There is also a devotional at the end of all the laughing that will leave you with Jesus smack dab in front of you and between your ears.

Front Porch with the Fitzies

Let the Bird Fly

Their tagline is an awesome summary of what they are about “Living Freely in a world given back to us.”  It’s a group consisting of Seminary Professors, Pastors, and guys with ‘regular jobs’.  In a few episodes they bring their kiddos in and you hear about what life is really like for them right from the mouth of babes.

I especially enjoyed the conversation about YOUTUBE,

Episode #20 on Vocation,

They have a series explaining why in the world churches still do the liturgy starting with at episode #41.1,

And episode #4 about stepping outside of our circles.

Let the Bird Fly

Virtue in the Wasteland

“A podcast about religion, culture, and issues that truly matter.”

I ADORE these two.  I’m not going to try and explain this one.  I will just tell you the episodes are long but worth it.  Here are a few that I love and forced me to think, really think.  The Trials of Gina Eilers pt 1&2. (I have listened to this one ALOT.  It reminds people on both ‘sides’ of issues that people are at the center).  Jesus MoviesMarriage Morality and the Law.  Or a good way to approach this would be to start with the most recent or scroll through the titles till you get to a topic you want to ponder.

Virtue in the Wasteland

Pint Glass Preachers

“Two pastors and Tom walk into a bar, but this is no joke, its the start of a conversation between three friends about culture, God, beer and more.  So pull up a chair order a pint and lets get started.”

Maybe start with these episodes if any of the titles strike your fancy

# 6 ‘Ladies night with feminist PhD candidate Sarah’

#23, 24, 25 a series titled ‘Rise of the Nones’

Pint Glass Preachers

She Finds Truth

I ADORE this lady!!  Listen to all of them!  But if you want somewhere to start:

#45. Work Heartily As For The Lord

#36 The Problem with Women’s Bible Studies

#22 Positive Thinking is not Biblical Thinking

#29 Grown up Friendship Goals

She Finds Truth

Steve Brown Etc.

“He’s an old white guy, an author, broadcaster, a seminary professor who’s sick of religion…and he’s brought friends.”

This guy has been at it so long I can’t even begin to start and week through these episodes.  He presents a pretty wide range of people and authors on his show.

Steve Brown Etc.

The Thinking Fellows

The name of these guys gives you a pretty good indication.  Sometimes they are way over my head but I always learn something from this group. The Thinking Fellows dive deep into Lutheran theology and church history.  This group also has a publishing house.  When you are looking through the episodes be sure to pop over and look at the books.

The Thinking Fellows

PS…Go listen to ‘The gospel for those broken by the church” By Rod Rosenbladt.

The Gospel for Those Broken by the Church

I Love my Shepherd

Heidi the author and producer of I love my Shepherd is great.  I discovered her through Angie from She Finds Truth.  Not only is Heidi’s podcast great she also does online bible studies that you should check out.  She does an excellent job at applying scripture to life without removing Jesus.

I love my Shepherd


I would adore to hear from you.  If you have questions about the podcasts on this list.  If you are looking for a specific topic.  Seriously if you are reading this I would love to hear from you.  Thanks!  This is a pretty short list of the ones I listen to.  Let me know if you are looking for recommendations!



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