Resilient Kids

Over Christmas break the hubby and I decided we would look into putting the kids back into public school.  Since the move we had been homeschooling.  To my shock I actually really enjoyed homeschooling.  It’s something I had been curious about but never thought I would actually try.  We did and while it is a beautiful thing it’s not what is best of our family.

It was a decision I thought would be made in tears and stress if or when we made it.  Instead it was an ‘easy’ decision.  As ‘easy’ as it was I still second guessed us (more second guessed myself) which is the norm.  In a conversation with my husband I asked ‘Are we doing the right thing?…Was it the wrong decision to homeschool since it was only 6 months?…I’m feeling like I failed them big time…

His rely was matter of fact and while I had my undies in a bundle his were sitting comfortably (as usual).  He said “They are resilient”

UGH…”I don’t want them to have to be resilient”…  I said.  (and then though ‘I especially don’t want them to have to be resilient because of me.’)

As soon as I heard my voice utter the words a familiar voice chimed in my head ‘But they need to be…..  Think of all that life will throw at them in 5, 10, 15, or 20 years.’

I don’t want them to have to learn ‘the hard way’.  But experience can be a great teacher.

And I needed to be reminded that is largely what parenting and childhood are about.  Going through life.  Going through some difficult things under the umbrella of parental love.  Having parents guard you from what they can but when uncomfortable or awful things happen to teach and love those kiddos through it.

Parenting is hard…like crying because I don’t know what to do hard…But…


I’m so thankful that on those crappy days I get to point them to Christ.

On the days when friends fail or betray them I get to point them to Christ.

On days when I fail them I get to point them to Christ.

On days when they fail themselves I get to point them to Christ.


Any ‘real’ resiliency won’t come from inside of them but from Christ.  That resiliency that comes from Christ is all-loving, unending, and way more complete than any flimsy resiliency I could teach or they could muster.





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