Christmas Rest

“First we’ll make snow angels for two hours,

then we’ll go ice skating,

then we’ll eat a whole roll of Tollhouse Cookie-dough as fast as we can,

and then we’ll snuggle.”



I LOVE CHRISTMAS!!  My goals at Christmas are to have so many lights up it reduces our propane heating bill and I can have it so bright I can read by it at night.  I have a list of cookies I want to make with the kids.  Special books have been selected for me to read, to read with the kids, and to read with the hubby.  I have lists of activities I want to do with the family.  The list’s are not short.  The other day I made a list of lists.

Christmas isn’t what most people would call restful.  The fantasies I have of Christmas, however, always involve rest.  They include lots of coffee, lots of tea, lots of reading by the Christmas tree.  But chances are that won’t be my real life Christmas because the rest I create for myself usually involves a lot of doing before the rest can happen.  Life happens and rest disappears.  This week leading up to the advent season, was a shining example.  It involved calling a plumber to rid our basement of crap.  The toilet in the boys bathroom was so plugged I could not budge it with a plunger.  I pulled back the shower curtain and almost threw up…you guessed it, major back up…The plumber arrived and kept saying oh my yes..oh my yep this is more than a plugged stool.  A trip back to his home/shop for a larger tool and a call to the city (and a lot of bleach) we are back in business.

A clear example of me trying to create rest and it not working is happening right now as I type.  In the morning before the crazy of our homeschool day sets in I try to create a restful space for myself.  I have this awesome space in my room with a chair, a place to put my feet up, a place for my coffee or tea, and of course fairy lights.  This morning, as I type, my two year old is playing loudly with is steam roller truck in the room with me.  (Apparently this piece of equipment has lots of bells and whistles operated by the babe’s mouth.)  He is, of course, naked.  We are attempting potty training right now and he loves pulling his pants down at all times of the day screaming ‘POTTY, POTTY!’.  The little mama (my six year old girl)  came running into my room announcing ‘HE DOES NOT HAVE HIS CHOO CHOO ON!!”  (The pull-ups have trains on them).  Doors are now slamming, feet are stomping around because when my kids run they sound like elephants.  Restful?…  Ummm

I try to make-up restful spaces for myself and about 2-10 percent of the time they pan out.  At times rest sneaks up on me.  The other morning I fell back asleep after the hubby had left for work.  The baby crawled into bed with me and we slept until 9AM.  9AM in our household feels like the middle of the day considering wake up time ranges from 4:30-6AM.  This stage in life makes it so clear that rest is a gift.  Tiny places appear and rest happens.

Rest isn’t just about sleeping though.  Rest and complete contentment, I think, go hand in hand.  As long as we are separated from our Creator we will always have a piece missing and we will be restless.  We try to fill that hole with all kinds of things.  We try to fill it with good things like spouses and kids; but that will never bring us complete contentment.  We try to fill it with Christmas lights, reading, tea, and coffee.  We were created to worship and one day we will walk with the one we are created to worship.  We will have complete contentment, complete peace, and complete rest.  So then for right now I will know rest in my Savior instead of in Christmas lights, coffee, tea, and reading.  (But I will still try to jam in as many lights, as much tea, more coffee, and so much reading in this short Advent season.)

So then,

there remains a Sabbath rest

for the people of God

for whoever has entered God’s rest

has rested from his works

as God did from His.

Hebrews 4:9-10


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