That message is for the (angry) birds

It’s spring time in North Dakota.  For our clan that means a different lifestyle.  I have been chanting to myself since February that ‘I will not complain where my bread gets buttered…I will not complain where my bread gets buttered…I will not complain where my bread gets buttered…”  It may seem like an odd thing to chant but it’s because my husbands work schedule goes coo coo for cocoa puffs in the spring.  He works in the agriculture industry so spring is when things kick in to high gear.  That is where the chant comes from.  “I won’t complain where my bread gets buttered…”.

That being said, in the spring, I find anything and everything to keep us busy.  Even going to a movie with a 6, 4, recently turned 3, year old and 6 month old baby.  Especially during from around 4/5ish till bedtime.  The park is our usual spot but the wind has been blowing the recently worked ground across the county so that was off the list.  That time frame is crazy time for our family and when the crabby begins to erupt in mama bear because all I want to do is talk to an adult.

The kids loved the movie.  Our 6 year old loves angry birds so I knew he would light up during the whole deal.  Little Ms. only had to use the bathroom twice, newly 3 didn’t even bounce out of his seat and baby was mesmerized by the bright colors.  All in all it was entertaining.  Something struck me at the end of the movie.  The ‘Hero’ of the movie made a statement that made me oh so grateful.  The eagle explained “I had to make you lose your faith in me so you could have faith in yourselves”.

I left the movie thankful because that is the exact opposite of what scripture proclaims.  The message of scripture is You had to lose faith in yourself so that you could have faith in me.  Because of Christ’s finished work on the cross we don’t have to be the hero of our stories.  I don’t have to be the hero of my husbands story, my children’s story, I don’t have to and can not be the hero in their,  mine, or anyone’s story.

Just because I can’t or won’t be the hero of anyone’s life story doesn’t mean that I don’t try.  But when I do, when I try to be all  things to all people all I or anyone I was attempting to help gets is exhaustion.

When I chant things about bread and butter that does not change anything.  I’m still wore out from being a ‘farm industry widow’.  I’m still crabby that I don’t get to keep up with my regular schedule.  But that is the beauty of the whole deal.  I can not by my own reason or strength do anything.  But he has called me by the spirit, sanctified, and kept me in the one true faith…

The beauty of it is that it is finished!  So on the days that I am crabby, stubborn, a visible train wreck, disgusted with my husbands work schedule and didn’t even think of picking up my bible I am loved.  And on the days when I bounce out of bed read my bible, make a stellar breakfast, chant about bread and butter, sing prayers of thanks giving and all with a smile I am loved.

Remember that you are loved.  Remember that Gods plan is not to make you lose faith in him so you can have faith in yourself.  God’s plan is not to get you in but then make you work for it the rest of your life.  God’s plan is so much better.  God’s plan is that you lose faith in yourself and gain faith in Him, in the cross.  You do not have to be the hero of your faith.  God is the hero of your faith.

Romans 3:20; 2-24

For by works of the law no human being will be justified in his sight, since through the law comes knowledge of sin…for all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God, and are justified by his grace as a gift, through the redemption that is in Christ Jesus


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